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Featured photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash


The Breaching the Rift website suffered a catastrophic collapse a few weeks ago. It was heart wrenching to see all the posts and data held within it be just, gone. Every cloud has its silver lining though and the website has now been rebuilt from the ground up. This has meant a massive change to its structure and there may still be a few things that need tweaking.

The Playtesting section

At the time of writing this article the playtesting section isn’t available, but we are working on it to make it better than before with a forum for all playtesters to have their say on the game. For now we will be continuing to use the Discord server for this so follow the link at the bottom of the new website to signup and talk about all things Breaching the Rift. You will have noticed that the miniatures section has gone from the website. Maintaining several platforms for purchasing the models was a lot so we decided to just leave that to the Gydran Studio store for the foreseeable future.

If you had already signed up to be a playtester we are going to have to ask you to sign up again. All of the data we had gathered, including feedback, was lost in the process. As soon as the new playtester section has been finished we will email you all to let you know it’s active.

For now that’s all she wrote. We’ll post up here and send out an update to all our subscribers when new sections become available and thank you all for your support. We hope to see you back with us exploring the worlds beyond the Rift as we push forward with the Skirmish game, as well as our exciting steps into making Breaching the Rift a game on PC (and maybe console).

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