Changes and new horizons

Hi all,

The studio, now empty of anything Gydran, on the day we handed the keys in after 20 months inhabiting this space.

So, some of you may already be aware that there have been some major changes in Gydran Studio that have caused a bit of a bottle neck in how Breaching the Rift has been able to move forward. I was told in January of this year (2020), just after returning to work from the holidays, that i had to vacate the office space. This had led to a lot of problems as the only available spaces of an appropriate size were beyond the budget for us. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that the move has been costly and has meant that i have had to assess my options carefully. As a temporary fix Gydran has been moved into my home and taken up ever available spare room i have. Not ideal, but it allows for things to continue to move forward.

How does this affect the project?

In short, it doesn’t. Everything is still moving forward and although it has gone back to a more home brew kind of set up it marches forward. There are some exciting things in the pipeline and as this year progresses i will be sharing that with you. One of the things coming up is a little side project i’m calling Racoon (yes, one ‘C’). I’ll let you know more as it comes along but for now this little image will have to do. That being said if you go and look at the Gydran Instagram feed you’ll find a couple of teaser images from it. Which ones are they you say!? Well… that would be telling! đŸ˜‰

We have had some new releases this year and had a lot of great photos of painted  models in from you guys that we have shared over on social as well as put up in our Gallery where you can find other images from events and more projects relating to Breaching the Rift. I for one really love seeing the painted pictures come in as it reminds me that you guys are out there painting the miniatures and waiting to see where the project goes. It’s quite exciting and pushes the project forward so thank you for all your support guys and keep those pictures coming in.

For now, that’s all and i’ll leave you with a few of the excellent pictures sent in by you guys.

Take it easy!



Sarrian Systems Darri Pattern Mech, painted by Mike Bissell

Heishi Corp Battle Mech, painted by Andy Jackson

Yunti Vex and Koto Baro, painted by Florian Heiler

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