Project Bahara

What is Project Bahara

Breaching the Rift has been going for some years now. We have released quite a few miniatures from the universe, seen the first story from the BTR universe get released and have an audio play waiting in the wings to be recorded. Now, a game for PC (and potentially other platforms) is being developed to add more to the journey. John has been busy recording videos, audio updates and working on the mechanics of the game.

The game will be created in three stage. Breaking it down in this way made the project, and the potential work involved, more palatable with stopping points to readdress it at various stages. When talking about the stages John had this to say:



“It made sense to start by focusing on a basic concept with the potential to expand it was important. Breaching the Rift is already established with a plethora of characters to draw upon, so it was a matter of which genre game to set it in. It had to be something that appealed to me, personally, to keep me focused on it as well as something a wider audience would enjoy. A first person shooter (FPS) would be a good choice, though a third person perspective was more up my alley with an option to go into first person.

The idea would be to create the game as a single level survival challenge game with a score board to start off with. This would be something that my patrons on Patreon would be given to help iron out any glitches and get feedback before the project moves on to the next phase.”

-John Howrith


The game is being developed using Unreal engine and so far all the work has been done by John himself. John hopes that as people hear more about the project it will allow for others to become involved in the project so that the game can be made into  what we’re sure we’re all hoping it will become. The project is currently in stage 1.

For more information on the project you can use the links below to go to the various social media pages relating to the project. We will endeavour to collect as much information here as it becomes publicly available so keep checking out the Game Dev news page as well as below for the most recent posts and videos.



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How to support the project

Spreading the word about this project will help in its development. The more people we can get interested the better and the more support we can get on platforms like Patreon or Ko-fi the more time I can afford to spend on the project.