The Skirmish Game

Breaching the Rift is a Skirmish game based in its own universe. That’s right, we have a Skirmish game…

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The game is in development and we will be demoing it at shows as it progresses. We have a group of people who are play testing it and we are constantly trying to update it to make it the best we can. The rules will be FREE to download from our website¬† when they are ready along with an option to buy a digital copy to help support the project and keep it moving forward. There will also be an expanded version with the background to the universe in that you won’t get in the FREE download version.

A team strategizes in our Co-operative demo at Tabletop Scotland 2018

The game is a passion for us, and something that we want to create to explore and tell the story of the fantastical Science Fiction universe that has been created over the last 28 years. When we thought of how to do this, a Skirmish game was the natural choice. It gave us the right size battlefield to tell the stories we wanted to, and to not be so big that the game become laborious and drawn out.

You can either play the standard one a side Skirmish games or as a co-operative game. There will be narrative missions and a campaign in the paid version of the game with future plans to create further campaigns based on the rich background of the universe it inhabits.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the play testers for the game then please get in contact via the contact form below. We want to make this game one that we can all be proud of, for both us here at Gydran Studio and you guys. It’s through working together that we can create great things.

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Please be aware that signing up to play-test our Skirmish game does not guarantee that you will become a play tester. We have a limited number of seats and if they are full you will be held in a list for 6 months until a seat becomes available.

Claude leads a D.I.A. force into battle.


The Bahara Initiative move into place, at Tabletop Scotland 2018.

There will be several sets available when the game is released along with two initial factions; The Bahara Initiative security forces and Raiders. Originally it was to be the Free Rifters, D.I.A. and Raiders, but we have made the decision to change them so that it falls in line with other projects we are also working on. The Rules for the already existing D.I.A. and Free Rifter forces will be released after the initial release. There will also a collection of hired guns for you to add to your forces… at a price to your force points, of course.

A Bahara Initiative Security Force Trooper from the Dorsai District of Ival IX


Whether you are a Pirate Marshall, organised crime syndicate or small gang you fall under the title of raider and by most of society perceived to be a pariah. You may live by a code and tell yourself that it’s a means to an end, you may take what you want and distribute it to those in need, but to many in the universe you are the epitome of lawless and self serving. When you take on this faction you take on the this role. You and your crew will do what it takes to get the job done.

Bahara Initiative

Once known throughout the galaxy as being a force of change and good the Bahara Initiative comprises of many races and has a sphere of influence that rivals the Rygel Consortium, Free Rifter Flotillas and O-Vours Empire. As a Doigen or Field Commander you take charge of your troops in the protection of territory. However, the galaxy is large and not all Commanders live by the laws of the Baharan Treaty. You choose whether you command by the law, uphold only those rules that make sense to you or carve out your own mini empire. Just remember that the Initiative will be checking in on you from time to time.


There are also various mercenaries/hired guns that are available at a price to your teams force points such as the famed Troll Hunter, Sven. These units can help bolster your forces to give them that extra edge on the tabletop, but remember that for every edge there is a hindrance. Some of the Mercenaries have an allegiance to a specific faction and if you go up against them you may well lose the Merc to the opposing team.

Demos and events

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